Ballpoint pen Slider Memo XB indiv.

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Capped ballpoint pen with innovative Viscoglide® technology for extraordinarily smooth and gliding writing. Ergonomic form with rubberised surface. Metal clip. Extra wide (XB) wear resistant writing tip in stainless steel. Produced climate neutrally. Barrel: individual. Ink colour: individual.

Item Information:

Ref.No.:  950299

Item Name:   Slider Memo XB

Type:   Ballpoint pen

Distribution type:   Schneider Promotion

Commodity code:   96081099


Writing color:   individual

Housing color:   individual
Printing area engraving:   G4: 20 × 6

Printing area pad:   T1: 3,5 × 45 T4: 5 × 24 T7: 45 × 3,5
Minimum Qty: 500pcs