About Us

Jolaj Office Products is a leading supplier of office and stationery products in Nigeria. We stock the widest range of writing instruments, office products and accessories from some of the leading brands in Europe including Schneider Schreibgeräte, Novus, Durable, Sigel and Omyacolor. 

At Jolaj Office Products, we are committed to giving our clients good value for money. Importantly, you can be rest assured that all goods procured from Jolaj are of high quality.

Jolaj Office Products Nig. Ltd was established in 1983. The main business during that period was retailing of educational materials and office stationery. The business grew steadily and in 1988 was incorporated as a limited liability company. To better position the company as the foremost stationery supplier in Nigeria, in 1990 the bulk of its non-stationery related retail products were phased out.

In 2008, Jolaj graduated from importer of ballpoint pens to manufacturers of ballpoint pens in cooperation with Schneider Schreibgeräte Germany

In 1995 during an exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany JOLAJ established a business relationship with Schneider Schreibgeräte and shortly afterwards started direct importation of writing materials from Schneider Schreibgeräte. 

Jolaj extended its business relationship to other leading stationery and office supplies manufacturers in Europe including Novus, Durable, Omyacolor and Sigel. Today, we are the manufacturers of Schneider Tops 505 M, Schneider Tops No.1 and Schneider Tops Promo "Made in Nigeria". 

Jolaj Office Products- "We are your reliable stationery place".

A lot of reasons to choose us

Jolaj Office Products provide a unique variety of value adding services to your stationery needs. Office products and writing instruments are used daily therefore their purpose for promotional campaigns or general use should not be overlooked. So when you purchase an item from Jolaj Office products, you: